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Waterproofing and decoupling membranes for interior and exterior use

There are various advantages to decoupling wall or floor coverings, e.g. made of ceramic or natural stone, from the substrate by installing a plastic sheet with laminated fleece as a separating layer. Tensions and movements of the substrate caused by temperature fluctuations or too rapid dehydration can be bridged by the decoupling membranes. They prevent the transport of the stresses into the top layer. Furthermore, in the case of building renovation, installation on poorly adhering and critical substrates such as old ceramic or wooden floors is possible without any problems.

Depending on their sd value, many decoupling membranes can also be used as sealing membranes: as a moisture barrier on floor slabs in contact with the ground, as a vapor barrier on floor slabs above rooms subject to high building loads, or as a sealing layer outdoors under tiled balconies and terraces. In addition to these multifunctional membranes, CaPlast also develops special sealing membranes for damp rooms such as bathrooms and showers or kitchens.

In connection with the development of customized waterproofing membranes as well as deep-drawn corners and sealing collars, we naturally take care of the testing for AIV according to ETAG 022 as well as the issuance of the general building inspection test certificates (AbP).

Possible areas of application for CaPlast sealing and decoupling membranes

  • Floor slabs in contact with the ground (DIN 18533)
  • Concrete ceiling against residual moisture during the setting process
  • Floor slab as vapor barrier
  • Damp and wet rooms
  • Balcony and terrace
  • Wall and floor areas
  • ceramic floor coverings
  • Heated and unheated screeds
  • On existing ceramic/natural stone/wood coverings
  • radon barrier
  • dry construction

Configure your geomembranes and decoupling membranes individually

At CaPlast, you have the option of matching functional properties such as sd value, tear strength, tensile strength, elongation, water pressure resistance, or temperature resistance precisely to the desired application and the target functionality of sealing membranes and decoupling membranes. Talk to us about your requirements in terms of sustainability, energy efficiency, thermal insulation, transparency, handling, printing and quality.

In the download area you will find our current data sheets.

Important properties for waterproofing and decoupling membranes

  • Highly flexible
  • Perforation resistant
  • Alkali resistant
  • Steam tight
  • Waterproof
  • Crack-bridging
  • Self-adhesive
  • Free choice of floor or wall covering
  • Radon barrier

Suitable system accessories

For all CaPlast sealing membranes, we offer the appropriate system accessories such as sealing tapes for interior and exterior applications, interior and exterior corners, and sealing collars. Expansion zone sleeves can be produced in all external dimensions and geometries, with any expansion zone size and any punching diameter inside, in accordance with DIN. Sealing tapes made of TPE, LDPE and PE/PP, also standard self-adhesive or with butyl, complete the system accessories.

Common materials for CaPlast waterproofing and decoupling membranes

We know how to optimize the physical properties of modern sealing products. Our sales department will be happy to advise you on the selection of material and coating for your application.

  • fleece-coated polymer functional and sealing layer on both sides
  • corrosion-protected, high-quality aluminum core with fleece reinforcement on both sides

CaPlast offers these various construction products

Roof products

Individually developed functional films such as vapor retarders, vapor barriers, sarking membranes, underlayments as well as system accessories.

Waterproofing Products

Development of decoupling membranes as well as sealing membranes, moisture barrier, vapor barrier on floor slabs or sealing level in the exterior area.

Facade products

CaPlast offers facade membranes of building material class B (EN 13501-1) especially for special buildings such as schools, hospitals and nursing homes.

Garden and Landscaping

Whether darkening films for greenhouses or root protection films - at CaPlast you are at the right address.

Sewer pipe rehabilitation

Whether CIPP pipe liners, darkening films for greenhouses or root protection films ¬- at CaPlast you are at the right address.

CaPlast product world


CaPlast is your innovative service provider for the development and production of customized functional films and membranes for roofs, facades and floors.


We know what requirements the automotive and commercial vehicle industries are on innovative coating solutions and fiber composites.


Composite materials tested for protective equipment, medical and hygienic gowns

Tarpaulin Materials

The CaLiner fabric tarpaulin based on thermoplastic polyolefins meets three essential market requirements in one product: UV-resistant, difficult to deflammable, recyclable.

Contract coating

Simple, single-sided PE or PP coatings to complex co-extruded, 3-layer TPU, PA or COPO products for construction, industry, agricultural applications or use in the military sector.

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