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Nonwoven Film Composites Made in Germany

The Corona pandemic showed us in spring 2020 that the supply chains for personal protective equipment and protective clothing needs to be rethought. Coating specialists such as CaPlast, machinery manufacturers and garment manufacturers have, based on their respective expertise, built up new manufacturing capacity with unprecedented efficiency in a short period of time for the production of starting materials and further processing into protective gowns, infection control suits, chemical protective suits and personal protective equipment.

What began as a concept for an infection control gown with improved comfort has evolved into a major business area at CaPlast that extends beyond medicine into new industries such as chemicals, food and electronics.

Possible features and functionalities

The standards specifying the relevant tests for the materials are, of course, met by every composite material we produce for the manufacture of personal protective equipment such as infection control gowns, surgical gowns or chemical protective suits. But in everyday life, the requirements often go beyond the test conditions. The climate is colder, warmer, or more humid; work environments and conditions may require greater resistance to certain chemicals and contaminated particles or aerosols. The most important requirements for PPE:


  • Abrasion resistance
  • Tear resistance
  • Liquid repellency
  • Resistance to penetration of infectious agents
  • Resistance to liquid penetration
  • Resistance to penetration by synthetic blood
  • Protection against exposure to aerosols, spray and light splashes
  • blood tightness
  • particle tightness
  • aerosol tightness
  • Flammability, flame retardancy
  • Bacteria resistance and virus resistance
  • Air permeability, diffusion openness
  • Antistatic surfaces
  • increased breathability
  • Washability

With CaPlast you are on the safe side

CaPlast’s headquarters are located in Nordkirchen, North Rhine-Westphalia, making it a quickly accessible, flexible development partner for customers throughout Europe. Our sales department will be happy to advise you on your desired application and the definition of the necessary barrier properties of the material.


Possible applications of CaPlast composite fabrics for protective clothing

  • Clinics and hospitals
  • nursing facilities
  • Medical practices, vaccination stations, testing stations
  • Rescue services and disaster control
  • laboratories
  • chemical industry
  • Clean room laboratories and production facilities

CaPlast product world


CaPlast is your innovative service provider for the development and production of customized functional films and membranes for roofs, facades and floors.


We know what requirements the automotive and commercial vehicle industries are on innovative coating solutions and fiber composites.


Composite materials tested for protective equipment, medical and hygienic gowns

Tarpaulin Materials

The CaLiner fabric tarpaulin based on thermoplastic polyolefins meets three essential market requirements in one product: UV-resistant, difficult to deflammable, recyclable.

Contract coating

Simple, single-sided PE or PP coatings to complex co-extruded, 3-layer TPU, PA or COPO products for construction, industry, agricultural applications or use in the military sector.

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