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The company CaPlast

From contract coating to integrated services

The journey of CaPlast GmbH, headquartered in Nordkirchen, Münsterland, began in 1967, appropriately enough, with the coating of carrier materials for suitcases, bags, umbrellas and camping bags - symbols of the spirit of optimism that has characterized our company ever since. Whereas in the early days we were purely a contract coater, today we are a holistic service provider, development partner and system supplier for our customers. The spectrum of our customized products ranges from applications for construction and automotive to tarpaulin materials, hot-melt adhesive films and tested composite materials for protective equipment, medical and hygienic protective gowns. Our numerous certifications are an expression of a pronounced and comprehensively lived quality and environmental awareness.

Consistent focus on sustainability

We see it as our duty to help preserve the natural basis of life for future generations through our actions. In our company, however, sustainability encompasses more than a consistent environmental policy and a focus on environmentally friendly production processes and solvent- and plasticizer-free products. As a medium-sized company, we understand sustainability as an overall corporate responsibility for the environment, society and employees. Protecting the people who work for us, some of whom have been with us for many decades, is a top priority in our company, as is the compatibility of family and career. This is another reason why we are a sought-after employer in Münsterland.

Part of a strong group of companies

As a company in the flexible films segment of KAP Beteiligungs-AG, CaPlast has outstanding financial strength as well as global market and application know-how. This ensures the continuous development of our high-tech equipment and proximity to our customers. The segment brings together leading European specialists in various extrusion technologies and thus a comprehensive knowledge of thermoplastics and the respective applications. A cross-segment sales team develops innovative solutions based on the most suitable production technology, perfectly matched to the respective areas of application.


The foundation for the continuous success story of CaPlast GmbH was laid more than 5 decades 50 years ago. And it is far from over.

Foundation of CaPlast Kunststoffverarbeitungs GmbH as a producer of PVC coated textile products by the Schönemann brothers.

Completion of the office section and Hall I. First production in the small factory at Capelle.

Installation of the first "3200" extrusion coating system. Subsequently, abandonment of PVC coating and investment in further production facilities. Concentration of the business on contract manufacturing for the surrounding textile industry and well-known distributors of construction products, e.g. special textile wallpapers, agricultural products or micro-perforated underlay membranes.

Design of the manufacturing facilities for the first construction products, as well as new fields of applications from the agricultural sector, tarpaulin materials and paper coatings. Expansion of production and construction of a new warehouse and production building.

Take-over of CaPlast GmbH by KAP Beteiligungs-AG.

Introduction of CaPlast roof construction Valex brands. Continued growth in Europe and Asia. Membranes open to diffusion and vapour barriers are included into the rapidly growing product range. New packaging line for printing of finished products and expansion into the automotive sector.

DIN EN ISO 9001 certification

Expansion of production capacity with a novel co-extrusion coating plant, the "1800" extrusion coating system.

Founding of the sister company Coatec s.r.o. in Slovakia.

Commissioning of a further co-extrusion coating plant, extension of the packaging and printing capacity. Rapid growth in various business segments, e.g. construction, automotive, agriculture, transfer papers, artificial turf accessories, packaging and tarpaulin materials due to on-going globalisation, primarily in Western Europe and Western Asia. Introduction of innovative coating solutions in the field of TPUs, copolymers, copolyesters and other exotic coating materials. Establishment of CaPlast as customised coating specialists. Award of the "Energy Efficiency Made in Germany" label by the German Ministry of Economics.

New investment in one of the most modern coating systems worldwide. New building for new infrastructure. 2011.

Commissioning of the unique "BSA 3500" coating system, unrivalled worldwide and consequently doubling the capacity at the Nordkirchen site. Investment in infrastructure, almost doubling the useable floor space.


Founding of the subsidiary company Caplast Türkiye in Turkey as a 100% sales organisation.

Further national and international growth, primarily in high-quality coating solutions such as TPU membranes for building envelopes. Planned expansion of capacity in Turkey through the installation of the first manufacturing facilities on the Turkish site.

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