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Root protection films

Root protection films are the means of choice in gardening and landscaping, cycle path construction, road construction and track construction to prevent roots from growing into asphalt pavements, track beds, pipe systems, ponds, swimming pools, paths or canals. The roots do not suffer any damage, but continue to grow under or next to the liner. Unnecessary capping of roots and felling of trees is avoided, as are expensive repairs and remedial work.

As experts in geotextiles, we develop durable, lightweight and flexible nonwovens for vertical protection against root penetration. Material, weight per unit area and coatings are tailored to your requirements.

Possible parameters for individual root protection films

  • Basis weight
  • Punch penetration force
  • Maximum tensile force longitudinal and transverse
  • Maximum tensile elongation lengthwise and crosswise
  • Tear strength longitudinal
  • Stiffness/E-modulus transverse

Root protection film properties

  • Impenetrable for roots
  • High UV resistance
  • 100% waterproof
  • Resistant to bacteria and common chemicals
  • Resistant to rotting
  • 100% recyclable

Blackout screens

Some plants, such as chrysanthemums or poinsettias, adjust their flowering time according to the seasonal length of the day. In greenhouses, these plants are deliberately darkened during certain growth phases with opaque films, so-called blackout screens, in order to artificially shorten the length of the day and thus the supply of light. This allows the timing of flowering and harvesting to be specifically controlled. The darkening is carried out partially with small blackout screens or via automatically controllable darkening systems in the entire greenhouse.

CaPlast offers you custom-fit solutions for targeted darkening or complete darkening in greenhouses. We adapt the coating of the sheets exactly to your needs in terms of flame retardancy, moisture permeability and resistance to UV, temperature and chemicals.

We will be happy to advise you on any special requirements for textile fabrics and films in the field of building construction, civil engineering, landscaping and horticulture. Please contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

CaPlast offers these various construction products

Roof products

Individually developed functional films such as vapor retarders, vapor barriers, sarking membranes, underlayments as well as system accessories.

Waterproofing Products

Development of decoupling membranes as well as sealing membranes, moisture barrier, vapor barrier on floor slabs or sealing level in the exterior area.

Facade products

CaPlast offers facade membranes of building material class B (EN 13501-1) especially for special buildings such as schools, hospitals and nursing homes.

Garden and Landscaping

Whether darkening films for greenhouses or root protection films - at CaPlast you are at the right address.

Sewer pipe rehabilitation

Whether CIPP pipe liners, darkening films for greenhouses or root protection films ¬- at CaPlast you are at the right address.

CaPlast product world


CaPlast is your innovative service provider for the development and production of customized functional films and membranes for roofs, facades and floors.


We know what requirements the automotive and commercial vehicle industries are on innovative coating solutions and fiber composites.


Composite materials tested for protective equipment, medical and hygienic gowns

Tarpaulin Materials

The CaLiner fabric tarpaulin based on thermoplastic polyolefins meets three essential market requirements in one product: UV-resistant, difficult to deflammable, recyclable.

Contract coating

Simple, single-sided PE or PP coatings to complex co-extruded, 3-layer TPU, PA or COPO products for construction, industry, agricultural applications or use in the military sector.

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