Development know-how for pioneering products

The development of innovative products in the field of extrusion coating solutions can only be successful if three requirements are met: highly specialized knowledge, persistence and passion. When these are supplemented by state-of-the-art production facilities, a modern corporate culture and a healthy economic situation, then the conditions for design, development and manufacturing of unique products are ideal.

Our widely diversified application expertise keeps all CaPlast employees motivated to go time and again in new directions and to continuously improve our existing products. Leading-edge technology is the result of many individual components that mesh together in an ideal way. Because we are never satisfied until we have the best possible solution for our customers, the time to market sometimes can be several years.

Whether it be customized semi-finished products or the CaPlast brand family members, our products are subject to the strictest, ongoing quality controls and inspections by independent testing institutes.

Roof construction

A second skin for your top

Nature always takes its toll. In a roof that is not thermally optimised, the majority of the heat is lost upwards through the large area of roof. In other words, through the roof. Therefore in terms of energy-efficiency as well as building physics it is essential to develop always the energetically best solutions for different roofs. Due to their superior physical properties, CaPlast underlay and sarking membranes offer solutions for each individual building project.

We develop and deliver client-specific products worldwide to leading companies in the roof covering and insulation material industries. Our own CaPlast brands are distributed via specialist retailers.

Building construction

Intelligent protection for the facades of the future

Vapour barriers, facade membranes and barriers for screed and floors: They are the main factors when it comes to important measures that can be taken against energy losses or for effective protection against moisture in and on buildings. Many years of experience and expertise in building physics have helped CaPlast become one of the leading suppliers of energy-efficient systems for the protection of the building envelope.

Quality as well as functionality of our products are continuously monitored and certified by accredited testing institutes worldwide. The logical benefit? Your building retains its value and positive energy balance for a long period of time.

Gardening & Landscaping

Green thumb products smarten up your garden and landscaping projects

An almost immeasurably wide range of sheet materials are used in gardening and landscaping, as well as in the agricultural sector. These include everything from uncoated protective foils to high-tech solutions acting as shading material for greenhouses or for use in the construction of sports facilities.

In addition to the CaPlast brands, such as CaGround for root protection, we develop and manufacture individual solutions for customers such as, for example, certified seam tape for artificial turf.

For many companies in fabric production or non-woven material production, we develop and sell special solutions for the complex agricultural sector.

Underground engineering

System solutions that go far below the building line

Prevention and renovation are two crucial concepts in underground engineering. On the one hand, ailing pipes or ducts that have been damaged by wildly spreading roots must be protected. On the other hand, protective technical textiles are increasingly used in new underground engineering projects from the outset.

A whole range of individual requirements that call for elaborate individual solutions. In addition to our CaPlast brands, we therefore offer client-specific root barrier films, landfill sheets, geotextiles and duct tube liner systems. The field of line production for renovation of pipes for sewers are a key focus of our development efforts.

Automotive / Vehicles

Layer for layer, more safety and driving comfort

High-performance coatings and composites are becoming increasingly important in the automotive industry. They are light as well as durable and additives to the extrusion coatings like colours, UV stabilizers or flame retardants provide them with extra functionalities. What a great set-up for the CaPlast developers that have long been designing pioneering products for a wide range of applications in the automotive industry.

A big advantage for car manufacturers and buyers from our customers. Our thermoplastic coatings are free of plasticisers and solvents, and, in addition to offering excellent product characteristics, make a positive contribution to the environment - including the use of biopolymers.


Protect your brand with innovative packaging

Intelligent Packaging can do much more than just protect your goods during transport. Why not use it as an advertising medium for your brand? CaPlast has an extensive range of packaging solutions for the capital goods and consumer goods industries. The specifications are determined in cooperation with our customers and manufactured accordingly. In general, this involves the manufacture of large rolls of printed goods such as, for example, the protective transport packaging for the automotive and boating industries, which we market under the brand name Cartect®.

We provide novel materials for packaging construction chemicals at sustainable prices and productivity levels compared to today's standard paper packaging. Anti-corrosion packaging (e.g. coated and creped VCI paper) has long been a specialty of CaPlast. In addition, we manufacture coverings for the agricultural industry as well as protective films for winter construction which meet the special UV protection and fire protection requirements and are generally composed of reinforcing fabrics.


Multifonctional products perfectly suits your application

The clothing market is promising in both technological and commercial terms. CaPlast therefore is rapidly advancing its development efforts in TPU-based synthetic leather. Through our environmentally-friendly production process, which is entirely free of solvents and plasticisers, we already offer solutions that are being used in the clothing or the furniture industry. Through joint development with a well-known TPU manufacturer, we can guarantee unique product benefits, such as permanent UV-resistance, high openness to diffusion, very high wear resistance, as well as light and colour fastness.

We aim to substantially grow this market segment, which is still a young venture for CaPlast, and expand it with further finishing processes. Our solutions are not based on standards, but are designed specifically for the customer - both in the selection of suitable substrates as well as in terms of colouring, embossing, matt or gloss levels and coating thicknesses.

Contract coating

Substrate and carrier from the technical textiles industry

CaPlast processes many substrates (supporting materials) for companies in the technical textiles industry, who in collaboration with CaPlast, or by themselves, have developed unique products and require them to receive a coating or lamination. This includes substrates from a wide variety of fields, such as membranes, multiple or single filament fabrics, (aluminium) films, non-woven materials, paper and flexible composites. CaPlast adds value to these products on an individual basis and in quite varied ways, for example through a mono-extrusion or co-extrusion of a composite coating, so that the supplied materials can be built up with single-sided or double-sided multiple layers to meet the necessary requirements.

The spectrum ranges from simple, one-sided PE or PP coatings to complex products for agricultural applications or use in the military field. Also crucial here is the individual design of each product. Specific product requirements are obtained and constructed in several coating layers that impart, for example, light-tightness and opaqueness, UV and infrared absorption, antibacterial coatings or special dyes. Through a high degree of flexibility, know-how and technical possibilities, seemingly impossible tasks can also be reliably produced. Even difficult polyolefin layers, which provide severe challenges to the chemical requirements during extrusion coating, can be transformed into a product through use of adhesion promoters. Other adhesion improvers available for use during production are substrate warming by preheating rollers, corona pretreatment and infrared warming of the substrate. The coated product can also be easily post-treated with corona treatment so that it can be used for further processing with improved adhesion. The individual end product can be optimised even further during the extrusion process by being co-laminated with additional fabrics or films in the product. Thus, coatings up to 3.5 m wide are possible in various layer thicknesses - from around 10 g/m2 up to 1200 g/m2. A similarly wide range of substrates is also possible, so that there are almost no limits to the design.

In the production process, the substrate and coating thicknesses are continuously measured using a non-contact technique. This difference measurement allows direct control of the automatic nozzle, if necessary, and thus adjustment of the coating thickness. The process control, together with the storage of the batch weight and recipe data, allows complete traceability of the coating quality.