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Resource conservation, freedom from pollutants and weight reduction are not just the key issues in the automotive industry. The construction industry is also constantly in search of sustainable, healthy materials and thus keeps CaPlast innovation engine running.

There are no softeners or solvents in our products and we are already conducting intensive research into the processing of bio-based materials. In our development department, the future is always present and tangible at all times. We continue this approach by introducing an entirely new product line: our recyclable, lightweight and translucent CaLiner textile canopy - featured prominently in this edition of CaPlast News. Additionally we focus on the outdoor weathering capacity of the CaVap Alu 1500 SK vapour barrier as well as the CaFloor system solutions under tiles and floor coverings. We will be happy to personally present our new products to you. Simply arrange an appointment by mailing us at
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