Multifunctional products perfectly suits your application

The clothing market is promising in both technological and commercial terms. CaPlast therefore is rapidly advancing its development efforts in TPU-based synthetic leather. Through our environmentally-friendly production process, which is entirely free of solvents and plasticisers, we already offer solutions that are being used in the clothing or the furniture industry. Through joint development with a well-known TPU manufacturer, we can guarantee unique product benefits, such as permanent UV-resistance, high openness to diffusion, very high wear resistance, as well as light and colour fastness.

We aim to substantially grow this market segment, which is still a young venture for CaPlast, and expand it with further finishing processes. Our solutions are not based on standards, but are designed specifically for the customer - both in the selection of suitable substrates as well as in terms of colouring, embossing, matt or gloss levels and coating thicknesses.