Layer for layer, more safety and driving comfort

High-performance coatings and composites are becoming increasingly important in the automotive industry. They are light as well as durable and additives to the extrusion coatings like colours, UV stabilizers or flame retardants provide them with extra functionalities. What a great set-up for the CaPlast developers that have long been designing pioneering products for a wide range of applications in the automotive industry.

A big advantage for car manufacturers and buyers from our customers. Our thermoplastic coatings are free of plasticisers and solvents, and, in addition to offering excellent product characteristics, make a positive contribution to the environment - including the use of biopolymers.

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Lightweight fibre composites
for automotive applications

Saving weight whilst simultaneously offering high strength is one of the major goals in automotive manufacturing. Specialist manufacturers of mobile homes, commercial vehicles and sales vehicles are looking for light, thin-walled materials that are also impact-resistant, corrosion-resistant and durable. GFK or sandwich structures are in the testing phase, but in the mobile home sector timber constructions are still common practice. As a long-standing partner to well known manufacturers of fibre composite panels. CaPlast is applying its development and know-how in the first stages of the value chain in this area.

Lighter and more cost-efficient: an unbeatable combination

CaPlast has developed a low-cost thermoplastic fibre composite that in the near future is likely to ban wood in particular, but also other common composite materials from material mixtures for structures, roofs, walls and floors. The engineering secret lies in the complex multi-layer construction from various plastic and reinforcing materials. Of course, this also dispenses with the need for resins, plasticisers and solvents. All solutions are customized and requirements for formability, strength, surface or adhesion properties can be adjusted individually. A further advantage for the manufacturer of fibre composite panels is that CaPlast fibre composites can be machined up to a width of 3300 mm.