Protect your brand with innovative packaging

Intelligent Packaging can do much more than just protect your goods during transport. Why not use it as an advertising medium for your brand? CaPlast has an extensive range of packaging solutions for the capital goods and consumer goods industries. The specifications are determined in cooperation with our customers and manufactured accordingly. In general, this involves the manufacture of large rolls of printed goods such as, for example, the protective transport packaging for the automotive and boating industries, which we market under the brand name Cartect®.

We provide novel materials for packaging construction chemicals at sustainable prices and productivity levels compared to today's standard paper packaging. Anti-corrosion packaging (e.g. coated and creped VCI paper) has long been a specialty of CaPlast. In addition, we manufacture coverings for the agricultural industry as well as protective films for winter construction which meet the special UV protection and fire protection requirements and are generally composed of reinforcing fabrics.