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Root & weed barriers

CaRoot 420 UV is a universal, vertically - deployed protector against roots for professional use in underground engineering, gardening, landscaping or the construction of paths. The special coating on a highly non - tear fibrous web stops the uncontrolled growth of roots. Due to this, typical problems such as damaged pipes and the necessary works in the case of uncontrolled root growth can be avoided. CaRoot 420 UV has been specially designed for use in the case of aggressive root growth (rhizomes) e.g. bamboo and for use in natural weathering (UV) conditions.

CaRoot 420 UV is a combination of a highly reliable geotextile and a special PP - coating. This guarantees the impenetrability of roots (even in the case of aggressive rhizomes), a high level of resistance against bacteria / chemicals and at the same time, water resistance. The root protector is highly UV - resistant and as such well suited for use on the surface of the ground. For example, this enables unwanted plant offshoots to be easily cut back. Despite the strength of the product, it can be processed easily by hand. CaRoot 420 UV is also 100% recyclable. Subject to technical modifications.

Fields of application

• In the case of aggressive rhizomes such as bamboo, reeds etc. between the plant and pipes, cables or foundations
• Vertical ‘partition panel’ between the plant and the pipes, cables or foundations
• Vertical ‘partition panel’ between the plant and the paving and / or path building
• As wrapping, permanent protection of pipes or lines
• Creation of targeted, long-term root growth
• Ground level use to control root growth


• 25 years warranty for protection against roots*
• High UV-resistance
• Impenetrable for roots
• 100% water resistant
• Heavy duty, light and flexible
• Simple installation
• Resistant to bacteria and conventional chemicals
• 100% recyclable

Technical Data

Mass per unit area (g/m2)   →   420
Static puncture force (N)   →   4384
Max. breaking force (longitudinally) (kN/m)   →   26.6
Max. breaking force (crossways) (kN/m)   →   28.9
Max. breaking force expansion (longitudinally) (%)   →   50.2
Max. breaking force expansion (crossways) (%)   →   45
Tear resistance (longitudinally) (N/mm)   →   36.1
Stiffness/E-module (crossways) (N/mm)   →   57.6
Roll width in the case of 50 running metres (cm)   →   70/100/140
Roll width in the case of 25 running metres (cm)   →   70/100/140


In order to connect individual sections, we recommend CaRoot Click Connection. The use of CaRoot 420 UV should be especially considered in the case of aggressive root growth or natural weathering. For light covering work, we recommend CaGround.

* Before making a claim against the 25 years root protection warranty, please follow the CaPlast laying instructions and make yourself aware of the warranty provisions. The laying instructions can be found online at www.caplast.de or on the product insert leaflet.