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CaWrap UV 200 FR consists of a PES non-woven material and an innovative, diffusion permeable polyurethane coating, which provides long-lasting UV protection and increased fire resistance. The new CaWrap UV 200 FR meets the rising demands for increased fire protection. Driving rain or snow are effectively kept out by the insulating layer. The smooth surface of the façade membrane allows incident or infiltrating moisture to safely and securely run off. This membrane is also available with self adhesive strips.

When working with the material it is necessary to observe the applicable standards, the generally recognized rules of manufacturers as well as the CaPlast laying information. Subject to technical modifications.

Fields of application

• For all non-bearing, rear ventilated façades
• Maximum proportion of joints 40% and a maximum joint width of 50 mm


• Increased fire resistance
• High level of UV resistance
• High levels of openness to diffusion
• Protects the insulation from flying snow and driving rain
• Moisture that accrues can be channelled away securely
• Quick and cost-effective to work with
• Wind resistant surface
• Black surface

Technical Data

Weight (g/m²)   →   195 ± 10 %
Building material   →   B1
Resistance to water penetration   →   W1
sd value (m)   →   0.13 ± 0.03
Tear resistance L/T (N/5 cm)   →   340/240 ± 30
Elongation L/T (%)   →   50 /70 ± 15
Nail tear resistance L/T (N)   →   210/300 ± 30
Resistance to water pressure (cm WS)   →   > 400
Temperature resistance (° C)   →   - 40 to + 80
Outdoor exposure (UV)   →   with a 10-year warranty*
Roll width/Roll length (m)   →   1.50/50    |    3.00/50

* Applies only to part open façade membranes with a maximum joint proportion of 40% and a maximum joint width of 50 mm.