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Barriers for screed / floors

CaFloor EB 1500 SK is a high-grade moisture and radon barrier for floor slabs and concrete ceilings. The special multi-layer strip consists of a corrosion-resistant high-grade aluminium insert, which is fitted with a double-sided mat reinforcement. The strip was specially developed as a vapour barrier for use on ground slabs which come into contact with soil in order to prevent rising damp (in accordance with DIN 18195-T4) or on floor slabs as a vapour barrier on structurally highly-stressed surfaces. It is also suitable and certified as a radon barrier. CaFloor EB 1500 SK effectively prevents the uncontrolled entry of moisture into the building. With its double sided matting, it is well protected against the roughness of the surface. When processing, the double-sided (reverse) bonding material allows for seams to be executed quickly, securely and in a way which is leak-proof.

When working with the material it is necessary to observe the CaPlast laying information. Subject to technical modifications.

Fields of application

• Soil contact ground slabs (DIN 18195 -T4)
• Concrete ceilings against residual moisture in the hardening process
• Ceilings / floors as a vapour barrier
• As a radon barrier


• Highly flexible
• Resistant to perforation
• Alkali resistant
• Waterproof
• Radon tight
• Self-adhesive
• Free choice of floor covering

Technical Data

Weight (g/m²)   →   200 ± 10 %
Building material   →   E
sd-value (m)   →   > 1500
Tear resistance L/T (N/5 cm)   →   200/160
Elongation L/T (%)   →   25/18
Nail tear resistance L/T (N)   →   50/50
Watertightness   →   Resistant
Resistance to water pressure (cm)   →   > 400
Resistance to water penetration   →   W 1
Shearing strength of the joint seam (N)   →   110
Resistance to temperature (° C )   →   - 30 to + 80
Roll width/Roll length (m)   →   1.50/50

Certification Number - P 5149 / 830 / 11-MPA BS

Laying method

CaFloor EB 1500 SK is loosely laid on level floors which are free from ridges and dirt with a 10 cm overlap. The strip should be pulled up on ascending building elements, at least to the top edge of the finished floor. The longitudinal seams are formed so as to be permanently watertight by simply removing the masking tape and by pressing directly down on the adhesive bond. The long strokes and seams should be sealed using CaTape B 40 and also, in the case of heavy loads, CaTape Uni. When sealing ascending building elements in area that come into contact with the ground, CaFloor EB 1500 SK should be lifted up to the horizontal barrier of the inner and outer walls.