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Root & weed barriers

CaGround is the ideal weed - inhibiting, water permeable non - woven ground cover e.g. for applications below terrace coverings, gravel or mulch. The tried and tested geotextile is coloured black and as such does not expose open joints.

The optimised fibre structure reliably inhibits the troublesome growth of weeds and as such, represents an excellent alternative to conventional woven fabric. The extremely pressure resistant material is exceptionally permeable to water so that even after heavy rainfall no puddles develop. When covered, the material does not rot and is 100 % recyclable.

From a technical perspective, CaGround conforms to the geotextile robustness class 2. Subject to technical modifications.

Fields of application

• Below wooden terrace coverings e.g. ‘Bankirai’
• Below stone coverings or exterior tiles
• Below gravel coverings
• Below filled areas e.g. bark mulch


• Reliably inhibits the growth of weeds
• Extremely easy to work with
• Exceptionally permeable to water
• Very high level of pressure resistance
• Black colour
• 100% recyclable

Technical Data

Mass per unit area (g/m2)   →   120
Static puncture force (N)   →   1132
Thickness at 2 kPa (mm)   →   0.68
Normal water permeability (to the level)
without any extra load VlH50 (l/sxm²)  →   111
Characteristic opening width O 90W (mm)   →   0.12
Roll width in the case of 50 running metres (cm)   →   100/200
Roll width in the case of 25 running metres (cm)   →   100/200


CaGround is a high - performance alternative to woven fabric and inhibits the growth of weeds.
We recommend products in the CaRoot series for applications in areas where protection from roots is necessary.