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CaTop XL Sun SK is an energy - efficient, diffusion permeable, premium sarking membrane, in accordance with DIN EN 13859-1, equipped with an integrated self - adhesive strip, and available without self - adhesive strip as CaTop XL Sun. It consists of a non - woven PES material and an innovative, durable polyurethane coating. As a premium product, the membrane is perfectly designed for use as a wind - resistant, rainproof temporary roof covering* with up to 1 year outdoor weathering capacity.

When working with the material it is necessary to observe the applicable standards, the generally recognized rules of manufacturers as well as the CaPlast laying information. Subject to technical modifications.


• Sarking (UDB - A) and underlay (USB - A)
• Temporary roof covering / formwork membrane
• Rear ventilated and non rear ventilated constructions
• Renovation work and new constructions


• Extreme outdoor weathering capacity
• Approved sealing against driving rain
• Extremely high levels of resistance to abrasion and scratches
• Impervious to wind, water and driving rain
• Secure laying and easy handling
• Resistant to oil and tenside

Technical Data

Weight (g/m²)   →   230 ± 10 %
Building material   →   E
Resistance to water penetration   →   W1
sd-value (m)   →   0.25 ± 0.5
Resistance to water pressure (cm WS)   →   > 400
Tear resistance L/T (N/5 cm)   →   500/550 ± 20
Elongation L/T (%)   →   40/60 ± 25
Nail tear resistance L/T (N)   →   200/200 ± 20
Temperature resistance (° C)   →   - 40 to + 80
Outdoor exposure (UV)   →   Max. 12 months (ME)
Roll width/Roll length (m)   →   1.50/50

* only valid with the additional use of CaTape Cameleon as a seam protection and CaTop Edge, as well as a butyl nail sealing tape having 50 mm width