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CaTop UD 300 S is a two-sided, polyurethane coated welding strip for the weldable roof membrane CaTop UD 300. Just like the main strip itself, it can be welded hot or cold. The 30 cm wide strip is for example used to integrate the battens into the homogeneously welded overall surface. This way, CaTop UD 300 S enables the counter batten to be integrated in a way which is permeable and at the same time, waterproof. Due to the flexibility of the welding strip, it is easy to find other detailed solutions for creating a wind-proof, rain-proof and waterproof sarking strip.

Prior to installation, it is recommended to attend a training course with a CaPlast technician. The applicable standards as well as CaPlast instructions for laying are to be observed while handling this product. Subject to technical modifications.

Fields of application

• Accessories CaTop UD 300


• Open to diffusion
• Can be welded hot and cold (THF - source)
• Approved resistance against driving rain (strip and seam)
• Excellent tear resistance and nail tear resistance
• Resistance to wind, rain and water

Technical Data

Weight (g/m²)   →   310 ± 5 %
Building material   →   E
Resistance to water penetration   →   W1
sd-value (m)   →   0.18 ± 0.04
Tear resistance L/T (N/5 cm)   →   300/350 ± 30
Elongation L/T (%)   →   50/70 ± 10
Nail tear resistance L/T (N)   →   200/200 ± 20
Resistance to water pressure (cm WS)   →   > 400
Temperature resistance (° C)   →   - 40 to + 80
Outdoor exposure (UV)   →   Max. 3 months (ME)
Seam bonding agent   →   approx. 99 % THF
Roll width/Roll length (m)   →   0.30/25