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Adhesives programm


CaTape S 55 is a nail-sealing tape based on polyethylene, used to produce temporary roof coverings with CaPlast sarking and underlay membranes under the counter battens. The nail-sealing tape is strongly adhesive - even at low temperatures. CaTape S 55 can be stuck to both the counter battens and the surface. It is recommended to stick CaTape S 55 on the sarking and underlay membrane. When using the tape, you should always make sure that the counter battens are laid flat in the nail region. To obtain the nail-proof properties, it is also essential to create sufficient contact pressure in the nail region.

When working with the material it is necessary to observe the applicable standards, the generally recognized rules of manufacturers as well as the CaPlast laying information. Subject to technical modifications.

Fields of application

• For sealing nails


• Excellent adhesive properties
• Easy to handle
• Solvent free
• Can be stuck under the counter battens
• Good sealing properties

Technical Data

Adhesive   →   hot-melt on a rubber base
Material   →   contained cell polyethylene
Temperature resistance (° C)   →   - 40 to + 70
Resistance to aging   →   good
Working temperature (°C)   →   + 5 to + 50
Volumetric weight (kg/m³)   →   30 ± 10 %
Tensile strength L/T (N/mm2)   →   0.34/0.22
Stretch at breaking point (%)   →   135/115
Size of roll (L x W) (m x mm)   →   30 x 55 (1.65 m²)