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Adhesives programm


CaClue is a permanently elastic and solvent-free adhesive / sealer for joining CaPlast sarking and underlay strips in a way which protects them from the effects of air, wind and driving rain as well as vapour barriers. With its rapid curing time, CaClue provides a high level of security for quick assembly in the final stages. When connecting to brickwork in construction or openings, additional securing mechanisms are needed e.g. battens. CaClue adheres perfectly to different substrates and can also be processed on damp substrate. The surface must be sufficiently adhesive, firm and free from grease and oil. In all cases, and especially on wet surfaces, an adhesion test must be carried out.

When working with the material it is necessary to observe the applicable standards, the generally recognized rules of manufacturers as well as the CaPlast laying information. Subject to technical modifications.

Fields of application

• For connections to rising components
• For all sarking and vapour barrier strips in the overlapping area
• Loft conversions, drywall construction, interior construction


• Excellent adhesive properties
• Easy to handle
• Solvent - free
• Resistant to aging
• For interior and exterior use
• Also adheres to damp substrates

Technical Data

Adhesive   →   solvent-free
Temperature resistance (° C)   →   - 40 to + 80
Resistance to aging   →   very good
Working temperature (°C)   →   + 5 to + 50
Resistance to freezing (° C)   →   - 15
Curing time (mm)   →   1 - 2 /day
Sealant in accordance with DIN 4108-7   →   yes
Shelf life   →   9 months
Cartridge content (ml)   →   310