Layer for layer, more safety and driving comfort

Plastic coatings are becoming increasingly important in the automotive industry. They are light as well as durable and additives to the extrusion coatings like colours, UV stabilizers or flame retardants provide them with extra functionalities. What a great set-up for the CaPlast developers that have long been designing pioneering products for a wide range of applications in the automotive industry.

A big advantage for car manufacturers and buyers from our customers. Our thermoplastic coatings are free of plasticisers and solvents, and, in addition to offering excellent product characteristics, make a positive contribution to the environment - including the use of biopolymers.

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Protective membranes for transport applications

CarTect® - Protective membranes for transport applications

Using our Cartect® product series for partial and complete protection, quality vehicles and their parts have been successfully protected from external influences and damage en route to customers for over 10 years. The technically-advanced, high-quality membranes are, among other things, weather resistant, UV-stabilised and resistant to many chemicals and oils. The membranes are eye catching in terms of their ability to convey promotional messages, they can be printed in several colours and can be easily converted using various methods, e.g. through ultrasonic welding, heat pulsation or laser treatment. There are also membranes for washable reusable systems. Of course, manufacturer approvals and other test results exist for all Cartect® products.

Protective casing for an airbag

In order to guarantee the function of folded airbags over the useful life of a vehicle, they are packed into a special protective casing made of a coated non-woven fabric. This way, the safety-critical components are securely protected against hazardous environmental influences. The special coating also enables accurate printing, e.g. safety instructions. Besides its protective function, the casing meets all requirements related to the car interior, e.g. FMVSS 302.