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Protective coatings


This membrane is the "classic" in the field of protective textile membranes for transport applications and has now been used for over 10 years. Based on a polypropylene spun-bonded fabric, the strengths of the product are, in particular, the mechanical properties, high UV-stability, a good level of resistance against chemicals, a high level of water vapour permeability and, at the same time, a high level of resistance against water pressure.

Technical Data

Area weight (g/m²)   →   115
Thickness (mm)   →   0,45
Maximum tensile strength MD (N/5cm)   →   170
Maximum tensile strength CD (N/5cm)   →   130
Elongation at maximum tensile strength MD (%)   →   70
Elongation at maximum tensile strength CD (%)   →   85
dart impact (N)   →   60
Water column (cm WS)   →   > 200
UV-stability   →   12 month Florida
Water vapour permeability (g/m²x24h)   →   > 40